Where did you go?!

Hi all. 


I want to apologize for anyone who follows (or followed) by blog. I know I disappeared for a few months there. I've still been reading, but I haven't been updating my reads on the computer. Truth is,  I did most of my blog updating while at work during slow periods, and at the end of August I got laid off from my job. Sucks, but what can you do?


I promise to be more diligent in updating here from now on, though. I'm still unemployed - still searching for a job - but I'm going to try and be better about getting on here every few days and checking in and - of course - writing my reviews. First step - get caught up on the reviews of the books I've read since August (I hope I don't confuse readers if I backdate reviews to the date I finished the book) and then I promise I'll keep up with the writing.


I hope some of you, at least, will continue to follow my blog. I really love this website, and can't wait to see what everyone else has been up to in the past few months.