Reading for Sanity

I started this blog on another hosting site, but am going to work on (slowly) moving it over here. I feel like a blog about books really belongs on a website about books. Don't you agree? 


This blog will just be reviews of the books I read. I'll review any book I finish, but most likely won't go back and review a book that I read years ago - if I want to review it that badly, I'll re-read it first. 


I read almost all types of books (I tend to avoid strict romance novels, but novels with romantic elements are fair game). My favorite genres tend to be Fantasy and Historical Fiction, although I will sometimes go months without reading one of those genres... really just depends on my mood and if I'm trying to read certain books for a Reading Challenge. But as for genres, you never know what you'll find on here. 


If you do stumble across this blog, I hope that you enjoy it and get something out of it. Please comment on any of the reviews. I'd love to hear from other readers!