Boston Comic Con 2015!

I spent most of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Comic Con in Boston, MA. This was my second year going, opting for a three-day pass each time. Definitely worth it. We didn't spend the entire day from open to close there any of the three days, but it was nice to be able to come and go as we pleased and not to have to worry about missing someone or something we wanted to see because we only had one day passes. 


Friday is the best day for just looking around at all the art and shops that are set up. Not a whole lot of guest panels on Friday - at least not until late in the day - and it's a lot less crowded than it is on Saturday, so we felt we could browse at a more leisurely pace. We found some awesome artwork to take home - not sure where we're going to hang it all yet, but at least some of it will get framed and go in my library. :) 


[I don't have pictures of all of the purchases I made, but I'll post a few of them tomorrow or later in the week.]


There wasn't really any media guest who I was dying to see this year, since Gillian Anderson had to back out due to scheduling conflicts (boo!), but we did go to Q&A panels for Thomas Jane (Punisher, Deep Blue Sea) and Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira - the one and only), which were pretty interesting. We also went to the Q&A for the comic company IDW, creators of comics such as Transformers, G.I. Joe, and - most importantly - Locke & Key. (More on this in a moment.) Really enjoyed that panel. There were a few others I would have liked to have gone to - Marvel had a panel, Billie Piper of Doctor Who fame was there doing a panel, but those filled up quickly and I wasn't able to get passes to those.


The big thing for me this convention was the writers/artists. I got to meet Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti - creators of the Harley Quinn comics - and got them to sign some stuff for me:


1) Three pieces of wall art that I bought there and the book I brought, all signed by both of them.



2) The outside of the book, and a closer view of their signatures on the Coney Island picture.


I also got to meet the writer and artist responsible for my second favorite comic series ever, after Neil Gaiman's SandmanLocke & Key's Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. Yes, that Joe Hill - writer of Horns, Heart-Shaped Box, and NOS4A2. Stephen King's son. (And yes, he looks like he is Stephen King's son, hehe.) I was a bit overwhelmed and tongue-tied when I met him, but he was actually a super-nice guy. (Both he and Rodriguez are awesomely nice people and signed each of the six volumes of Locke & Key I brought with me.) While Joe Hill was signing my books, he asked me if I was reading anything good right now, and I - of course - completely blanked out on what I was currently reading. Haha. My husband, who was standing next to me, quietly told me to take a deep breath, and I remembered that I was reading The Library at Mount Char, which is what I told Joe Hill, and he said that he had heard of it and it was on his radar to read, but he didn't know much about it, so he asked me how I was liking it and we chatted about that for a minute. (It's really good so far, btw, in case anyone is looking for a good weird fantasy book). Then my husband asked if he could get a picture of me with Joe Hill and he said "Sure! Come around the table!" so that I could get in between him and Gabriel Rodriguez for the picture. [The picture is on my husband's camera, but I will post it later.] Anyway, I'm star-struck. I love it when people I admire turn out to be really awesome people. I was almost worried to meet him, because I was afraid he wouldn't be nice, but it was seriously the best moment of the weekend for me. 


1) All 6 volumes of Locke & Key were signed by both Gabriel Rodriguez and Joe Hill



2) A close-up of the inside cover and signatures in Volume 6: Alpha & Omega, complete with a sketch by Joe Hill of the Alpha Key - also two key replicas that I bought from an artist that makes them and was there at the convention - I'm blanking on his name, but I have his card at home, so I will post it as soon as I get a chance! (Don't tell my husband, but I think collecting the keys might be my new - slightly expensive - hobby). The two here are the Shadow Key (my favorite of all the keys!) and the Echo Key.

Edit: Keys are made by Skelton Crew Studio.

They're awesome. 


3) The comic that my husband bought and got signed by Joe Hill - although who are we kidding, it's actually for me. :) [It's a comic based on Joe Hill's short story of the same name from 20th Century Ghosts.]



So that was my weekend! I'll post a few more pictures later. I didn't actually get many pictures of people there in costume, although it was so much fun seeing all the people who dressed up. [We didn't go in costume this year, although we might next year.] This is definitely going to be an annual event for us. The ultimate goal is - of course - San Diego, but from what I hear it's really hard to get in to the events, Q&A's and whatnot even if you do get a ticket to the Con, so I kind of like the more intimate nature of the Boston Con. It was a ton of fun, and I can't wait to go back next year. :)